So, recently.. I discovered CarlPedia.

Ever since that, I've been doodling tiny pictures of Carl, Carl comics, and characters, too.

So, I'll put them all into a blog post to show you, but, keep in mind, these aren't my best.

I hope you like them! :D

  • This is Carl's female version, I guess. This is fanmade, so in my mind, she's really bored about everything. -_-
  • This is Carl with a Pokéball, this isn't my best, his smile and eyes are a bit off, and I could fix the Pokéball a bit more.
  • This is what I'm most proud of, a comic I made. It's about Bill studying circles, Carl thinks he's better, so asks who even likes circles, Carl then pretends to be a square.
  • In my opinion, my second best that I've done, it's Goku Carl, I think I could've worked on the wrist band a bit harder, and the hair.. but other than that, I really like it!
  • This is Christmas Carl, I'm not that happy about how this one turned out, mostly because of the hat, but other than that.. I like it!