Welcome to CarlPedia

CarlPedia is a fun, safe place for anyone and everyone who likes Carl! Ever since founded on October 9, 2014, we have 1,218 edits and 6 pages so far...

To keep CarlPedia a fun and safe environment, we've decided to establish some rules:

  1. No inappropriate language or pictures
  2. No fighting or arguing. If you would like to fight and/or argue, please go somewhere else.
  3. No badge gaming (unnecessary edits to earn badges).
  4. Have a good time!

Thank you, and enjoy your visit to CarlPedia!

Administrators: MegaGamer1ZT, BookgirlZTPunkrocker87Loverlover22

Content Moderators: -RealGammaRay1-

What's your favorite thing about Carl?

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Carlactive Activity

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